【NOTICE】台風10号に伴う直営店舗営業について(7/20 fri. 18:00時点)



●ブルーシール牧港本店、北谷店、豊崎店、デポアイランド店、デポアイランド シーサイド店、パレットくもじ店:臨時休業(OPEN~13:00)




The information of the operating hours of BLUE SEAL’s directly managed shops ( as of 10:00 July 21).

●All of the BLUE SEAL company store will temporarily closed until 1pm due to the Typhoon No. 10 on July 21st.

  (BLUE SEAL company store:   Makiminato,Chatan,Toyosaki,Depot Island ,Depot Island Seaside,Palette Kumoji)

●BLUE SEAL ICE PARK will temporarily closed whole day.

The “Company store” and “Ice park” will be open as usual on July 22nd(Sun).

★We will open the each shops as usual on July 22nd. 

*It is might be changed depends on the path of the Typhoon.
Be sure to check this page before visiting the BLUE SEAL. (https://www.blueseal.co.jp/)

Thank you for your understanding.